Health Care And Your Family

It can be real challenge to keep up with all the health care advances that are affecting our everyday lives.

That isn't to suggest that we all become medical practitioners or scientific researchers but we need access to unbiased health information to make informed health decisions about ourselves and our family

A good example of this is the new flu that the media and governments are so involved with. Isn't it true that any time we get any flu it can be serious and could be deadly? They keep threatening us with pan epidemics too. This is not to take away from what they are saying but it can really weigh a person down if you take everything like that to heart.

Actually, it is amazing that any living entity manages to survive in our world, considering all the different infections which are present everywhere. So what do we do?

You do what you always have done. You eat properly, you exercise to the best of your ability and circumstances, you wash your hands - lots, get proper rest and practice preventative medicine. Your body has its own immune system. If you are concerned about current events fortify your immune system with Ester-C, an enhanced Vitamin C and take Vitamind D and E AND wash your hands - lots.

If one of your family is ill, get the facts of what the exact symptoms are.

When trying†to figure out what is the best thing to do call your Public Health Nurse or chat up your local pharmacist. They are probably the least biased medical people you have access to. Use them. It doesn't cost you to talk to them.

Their experience can usually let you know if you are dealing with something that a Doctor should take a look at or can suggest some Over the Counter (OTC) medications which may help speed recovery - or at least the side effects.

"Organic" is a totally confusing issue.

If produce has all the proper nutrients in them does it really make a difference of being organic or not? The people promoting organic, say of course it makes a difference as there are other attributes that are also present. So, what are they?

Then the guys on the other side, say nonsense, that "Organic" is just another marketing ploy with their own hidden agendas. You could sit up all night trying to figure this one out and only time will tell.

Then comes bio-genetic alterations to both vegetables and animals

On one hand the benefits of this type of science are remarkable, however on the other hand it is downright scary. Example is the corn fiasco. The pollination killed the bees and polluted the unaltered corn fields nearby. Law suits are still being pursued for this issue. Then vegetables which are bio-genetically altered using insect, fish and animal DNA. What what are these thing? The one that really blew my mind is a potatoe which has an insecticide cloned into it somehow…really?

There many more issues of course and we will try to cover some specifically on other pages.

This is a sample of what this website is all about. We are trying to bring information to you to assist you in your daily health decisions.

Now that all of us have access to the Internet it is much easier to be more aware of health advances and how they can affect our family. Don't be afraid to print out information and take it with you if you are talking to a health professional and let them know you are trying to be more responsible for your family healty. Remember - knowing about something is half the battle.

This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease or condition. For medical advice, speak to your professional health provider even if we are purporting simple health care in your home.

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